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Default Re: Bellichick orders Steelers trainer away from injured player

todays post gazette said that parcells jr. yelled at norwieg? (steelers trainer) "get the [explitive] away from my player".

i posted a funny poll on another board whether rodney will throw bogus flags against the steelers when he becomes an official and 1 dudes response was that hes got 2 things no steeler does: talent and class. ??????????WTF??????????? where to these patriot fans get off thinking that guys like harrison and bruschi are classy. they throw that word around like no other player in the nfl has class and its something that trully seperates their players from all others. bruschi and harrison were 2 of the biggest showboating gloating players in the nfl. barry sanders had class. belichick does not. in fact id have to say dillon, once arriving in n.e. was one of the classiest players they had. robert craft is a classy owner. these crazy patfans need to quit confusing playing hard and being a favorite player with being "classy". sorry patriot fans but your team is no more classy than any other team in the nfl. but then again these are the same people who will try to convince you that manny ramirez is classy taking a piss in the outfield during a game. patriots really havent had a classy player since d. bledsoe or c. martin left. so please dont come here with that "our team is classy crap" walter payton is rolling over in his grave every time you say it.
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