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Default Re: A forgotten plus point for Steelers

Originally Posted by hardwork
"The Steelers have talent spread all over, so not one reciever is holding the passing game togethor."

If you shut down the Steelers running game, they lose. So, there has to be a lack of talent somewhere in the passing game.
LOL...that's pretty good. Blame Ward, huh? Could it be that we have a young, still developing QB, who, instead of having a year or two on the bench to get up to speed, got just a few games, and responded by ONLY having the greatest rookie QB season ever? Who also showed a marked improvement over his last performance against the Pats? Who probably is nowhere even near realizing his potential? But you in your infinite wisdom of all things football have deemed that Ward is the weak link? Is Overrated? Can't change the outcome of a game?

He very nearly changed the outcome of the game just this last Sunday...I seem to remember him catching a couple TD passes, and I'm pretty sure one of them was for 85 yards...wasn't that the longest catch against the Pats in like 15 years?

And don't try to dump off some sorry shit "Fuck you" response, either. Hines Ward has the ability to not only affect the outcome of a game by catching the ball, he can also do it blocking, and he has no rival in the NFL in that category.

You are, quite simply, completely and utterly wrong this time.
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