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Default Prayers Please

Hey everyone. For those of you that are so inclined I would really appreciate prayers and good thoughts for my brother, Terry. I just found out that after a stress test today, the doctors discovered a blocked artery that is severe enough that they are going to try to do a balloon and stent on Thurday. If it doesn't work they will have to open him up for a bypass. He just turned 50 and has already had a heart attack, last year.

I understand that alot of people have these kinds of procedures done but it is especially scary for me and my family, because heart disease took both of our parents and all 5 of my siblings have heart related, cholesterol, and blood pressure issues...including my sister who had to have a pace maker at 50 and a mitral valve replacement at 54 and another brother who had a heart attack a couple of years ago.

I would very much appreciate your support with this. Thanks.

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