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Default Re: Players around town

Originally Posted by DrunkFlea View Post
I haven't seen any of the players myself, but a buddy of mine does all the time.

He works at a car dealership which a lot of the Steelers go to. He said the other week Roethlisberger came in and while there, slipped on a big rubber doormat. I guess it was wet or something. Anyway, he was about to go down big time when his bodygaurd cought him. I can only imagine the lawsuit if he had got hurt!
Wow, Ben has a bodyguard. With the luck he has I would have expected a SWAT team, lol... jk jk.

Originally Posted by fansince'76 View Post
I can picture a surrealistic scene out of an old "Frankenstein" movie - citizens of the 'Burgh storming the dealership with torches in their hands....
I think instead of torches it would be terrible towels, and everyone would be wearing Steelers gear....

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