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Default Re: Prayers Please

I finally was able to speak to Terry yesterday. His understanding is that artery is 99% blocked. The surgeon told him that these new smaller shoots that have grown from that artery are like the heart's way of doing it's own bypass. (very cool) He gave him new meds to that he hopes will help control his cholesterol better and wants to watch and see what happens at this time rather than going in. He has one other artery that has 2 40 and one 30%. He told him that besides the fact that he quit smoking 4 months ago, he has to lose weight and exercise.

I know that this is Cleveland clinic or else I would think it was completely nuts. I still have serious reservations. Terry told me that he has been having shortness of breath, chest pains that extend down his arm and numbness. One look at him tells you that he isn't a picture of health. I pray that this has been a major wakeup call for him and that he will follow thru with what he says he knows he needs to do. It didn't happen after his heart attack.

Again, thanks to everyone for your prayers and support. Very much appreciated.

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