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Default Re: Bellichick orders Steelers trainer away..9/28 Update; Trainers Pres. Surprised

Originally Posted by hardwork
Exactly DW.

If you Steeler fans know your coach can't handle the big games, get another coach. Crying about ours isn't going to help you.
You would be the epitomy of the "fan" that gets under my skin. It's obviously been long enough for you to forget how long your team sucked ass! This thread wasn't anything about wins and losses or your coach vs ours. Yet it seems to have turned that way because we struck a nerve by establishing a valid point; Your coach is an asshole!
But since you brought up the topic, at least since Cowher has been here we've been able to enjow winning seasons (almost) every year and he's not a smarmy little egocentric prick like your coach!
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