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At the risk of being chastised, because I am a Pats fan, please be aware that the error did occur early in the 4th quarter. It was 52 additional seconds, but also realize that most if not all of that 52 seconds was probably wasted and irrelevant. Case in point, the Pats allowed at least 35 seconds to run off before kicking the field goal. Another thing, was any time run down for the two minute warning?
I really don't want to be labeled a lurker or whatever, I came to see what the Steeler fans reaction was because, as most of you have pointed out, there are a number of irritating Pats fans out there that can't seem to remember the years that you couldn't give tickets away. My guess is that these are younger folks who can't remember those awful times in Shaeffer (sp?) stadium.
Anyhow, as most of you have already posted, I really don't think the extra time affected the outcome. I actually wish this stuff didn't happen to the Pats, so these conspiracy theories would end.

PS - Zeroue was in Foxboro yesterday and today. Looks like he may have Elvis on his helmet soon....See you all in the AFC Finals (hopefully).
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