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Default Re: Bellichick orders Steelers trainer away..9/28 Update; Trainers Pres. Surprised

Originally Posted by Dirtywater
Guys, seriously, look inward about trying to win a Super Bowl with your team than criticizing the guy who has won 3 out of the last 4.

Stop worrying about policing fans and personel and start to ask why your coach hasn't delivered it. And I'm not talking smack. I'm being serious.

What our coach and team does has zero bearing on your reasons for success or failure. Anything more is useless and rings of hollow jealousy.

You're better than that. Save this whoa-is-me act for Colts fans.

I think most of us are more concerned with our own team then BB's recent actions. Trying to characterize this thread as useless and envious, however, is only going to fuel it more because it remains a legitimate and revelant topic (this is furthered by the recent articles on the matter as well). You might consider the broader picture here: that Steeler fans or football fans in general. We watch, play, coach, etc. From that perspective, all of this crazy BB stuff matters because it's an example for all of us of how not to act. I understand that you are trying to diminish its importance, but that is a completely subjective matter over which you have no control or bearing. If you want to see it stop, just ignore it and it will go away soon.
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