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Default Re: Bellichick orders Steelers trainer away..9/28 Update; Trainers Pres. Surprised

I'm simply more amazed that you even care. How does this affect your team winning or losing at all?

So, to talk about it to get a cheap "we're better than them" does ring of jealousy. And if our coach is a jerk to you guys, what else would you want? Him to send you a cake or cookies?

To quote Herm, "You play to win the game." This is just a strange topic, and the self-righteousness in it is weird too. If it doesn't affect the game or your playing, I just fail to see what this has to do with anything other than a "we are better than them". That is settled on the field at game-time.

I really am not talking trash. I respect your team alot, you are a great team and have great players, but this is exactly what Colt fans do and I just figured you guys were above & past that. That's what struck me as odd.
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