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Default Re: Bellichick orders Steelers trainer away..9/28 Update; Trainers Pres. Surprised

Originally Posted by Dirtywater
I just fail to see what this has to do with anything other than a "we are better than them". That is settled on the field at game-time.

I really am not talking trash. I respect your team alot, you are a great team and have great players, but this is exactly what Colt fans do and I just figured you guys were above & past that. That's what struck me as odd.

I'm not sure that being concerned about BB's actions is stooping to a level from which we are supposed to be "above." If anything, a forum based solely on winning and loosing games would be a little superficial, if not boring. You choose to characterize this as whining, which is your perrogative. However, there is nothing self-righteous about being disappointed about BB's actions. Moreover, I don't see where any post on this thread claiming that our team has never made these same types of mistakes.

It's a shame that fans who are disappointed with a coach's or a player's actions are being discouraged from expressing their views and summarily dismissed as whiners by those who can't take the criticism. But, alas, this is clearly important to some dissenters because they keep responding. Indeed, those who are interested only in wins and losses don't really need a forum at all.

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