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Default Re: SteelCzar76's Mock 1st rnd. (And i'm sticking to it.)

Originally Posted by tony hipchest View Post
yep. jay-z said it best.

plus a safety at the 9 spot is gonna be cheaper to sign than say a wr, de or cb (all of which they need after 07 and 08)

you gotta think that while the prices differ a great deal, harrison is much more important than asanti samuel in that defense.

Once again,....good points. And to me it seems as if they're 'loading up' for one 'last good run' at the Title this coming season. And Laron in their secondary WITH Harrison (before he gets injured again. LOL) and Adalius Thomas on the field at the same time is absolutely ridiculous.
That would make for a helluva 'dog fight' in the AFC Championship Game ! (Note my shameless confidence)
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