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Default Re: SteelCzar76's Mock 1st rnd. (And i'm sticking to it.)

Originally Posted by SteelCzar76 View Post
1) Raiders: Jamarcus Russell
This is a no brainer,....they don't have a Qb. Russell is a specimen and an instant upgrade for their offense.
2) Lions: Brady Quinn
There's much talk of Thomas here. But once again, don't pass on franchise QB's when you don't have one.
3) Browns: Adrian Peterson
Sure they signed Lewis,....but Peterson is the future. (And you can never have too much quality in regards to a running game)
4) Bucs: Calvin Johnson
C'mon do i even need to explain ?
5) Cardinals: Joe Thomas
Cards get their 'guy'.
6) Redskins: Gaines Adams
7) Vikings: Chris Houston
The only impact corner in a very mediocre class.
8) Texans: Laron Landry
Texans need help at Safety,...and Laron is hands down the best of his class.(not to mention one of the best players available in the entire draft)
9) Dolphins: Alan Branch
10) Falcons: Amobi Okoye
Reunited with college coach Bobby Petrino.
11) 49ers: Adam Carriker
Gives Nolan's Defense the impact and flexibilty that he needs up front.
12) Bills: Marshawn Lynch
Fills the void left by McGahee
13) Rams: Patrick Willis
Best linebacker of his class.
14) Panthers: Greg Olsen
Can't argue their need for a recieving TE. And Olsen has good size, exceptional speed and could catch a cold in the Mojave desert.
15) STEELERS: Jamaal Anderson DE/DT
Is an absolute beast that projects to be similar to Julius Peppers. Should have been gone much sooner,...but we get lucky. For those crying "pass rush", got it.
16) Packers: Tedd Ginn
17) Jaguars: Reggie Nelson
18) Bengals: Leon Hall
19) Titans: Dwayne Jarrett
20) Giants: Levi Brown
21) Broncos: Jarvis Moss
22) Cowboys: Michael Griffin
23) Chiefs: Dwayne Bowe
24) Patriots: Darelle Revis
25) Jets: Anthony Spencer
26) Eagles: Paul Posluzny
27) Saints: Aaron Ross
28) Patriots: Eric Weddle
29) Ravens: Justin Blalock
30) Chargers: Anthony Gonzalez
31) Bears: Jon Beason
32) Colts: Lawrence Timmons
If Anderson is a beast, do you see a possible beast "squared" that may be worth trading up for? We've traded up twice in the last few years... Troy, etc., with good results. Troy is a gamemaker. Any ideas?
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