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Originally Posted by I.C. Lights View Post
A couple questions for hockey experts out there:

1. Do the Pens have a goalie controversy?

2. If so, is it a bad thing like a QB controversy would be in football?


1) Bottomline, Fleury is our starter. On that note I don't believe there is a "controversy", but that's not to say that Therrien is completely comfortable with Fleury. The question is when will Fleury step up and start playing like a starting goalie on a consistent basis? He played excellent against Buffalo. Now let's see how he plays against Montreal. The fact that we have to wonder how he will perform against Montreal is proof that he has not yet arrived and is not playing at the level in which Therrien believes he can play.

Also keep in mind, Therrien made it known back in mid-February that the month of March is crazy when it comes to scheduling and that Thibault will see a good amount of playing time this month. That is what we are seeing right now. Fleury played solid against Buffalo, Therrien rested him against NJ and will start him against Montreal tomorrow night.

2) Look no further than Barrasso and Aubin. From all reports (Aubin being one of them), Barrasso was a complete jerk when it came to helping out Aubin. Barrasso went as far as throwing a fit after one game in which he was pulled. That's when it becomes a problem. With Fleury and Thibault I have heard absolutely nothing negative when it comes to their relationship. Actually, the total opposite.

Since you seem interested, here is a good article on Thibault and how he goes about performing his backup role. Goalie Thibault performs backup role to a T:

As for the relationship between Aubin and Barrasso. Here are some examples of when a backup situation goes bad......

"That presumably is a relief to Jean-Sebastien Aubin, the Penguins' unquestioned No. 1 goalie now that Hedberg is hurt, because his relationship with Barrasso was prickly, at best, during their days together."

"Aubin, after all, is the guy who, upon realizing his dream of playing in the NHL, found himself partnered with Tom Barrasso, who apparently believed verbally abusing Aubin was a key element in his job description."

"If some of Barrasso's ex-teammates hate him, that's understandable. If you weren't a fellow star, his dressing room demeanor was aloof, if not downright nasty. At best, he ignored his goaltending partner. At worst, he terrorized him. Ask Jean-Sebastien Aubin, whom Barrasso once berated for not playing hurt. Kind of ironic, since Aubin was legitimately injured and since Barrasso occasionally wasn't."

"Near the end of Tom Barrasso's career in Pittsburgh, the PA at Mellon Arena used to play a burst of loud music immediately after each name in the Penguins' starting lineup was announced. Why? So you couldn't hear the spectators boo after Barrasso was introduced.

Make no mistake, Barrasso is a thoroughly detestable human being. Even his friends roll their eyes at mention of his name. He berated young players, his backups, assistant coaches and team employees. The only time Barrasso ever did the media any favors is when he refused to talk to us. When he did deign to grace us with words of wisdom, he was designated a hostile witness by the court."

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