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Default Re: LLT's Steelers draft

Originally Posted by tony hipchest View Post
very good. a few questions.

would you prefer moses if one of the top 3 DE's fell to us? unlikely since arizona should take g. adams and washington and atlanta could use one too. very possible denver trades up to draft one.

podlesh- rank him against the punter flavor of the week sepulveda. you think podlesh is better, worse, the same? or do you just think a 5th or possible 4th is too high to spend?

how do you think ilaola compares with humes from last year? a much better chance of making the team? i'd say yes since we have 2 open rb spots (haynes, duce) whereas last year we had 1 (bettis).
If we went DE it would be for backup...Keisel led the team with 23 QB pressures and Smith was second with 21...Defensive Line is our strongest position with those two and our pro-bowl NT...all we need is depth....LB however is our thinnest (and oldest) postition after losing Porter, and even though Harrison will be a more than suitable replacement... we need a DE/OLB tweener or straight OLB for youth and as future starter...
Moses isnt a sexy pick right now...but I have been following PFW's ratings and their reviews..(PFW is the only organization outside the NFL with scouts) ...and from what I see on his highlights from last season they are right on the money...teams HAD to double team him or go to the opposite side...he is THAT much of a player.
Of course if we go Carriker in the first round..that should be a pretty good indication that there will eventually be a move to 4-3...and then you have to remix the whole draft concept.

Podlesh doesnt have the leg strength of Sepulveda, but is better at placement and has the efficient two step kick that helps him not get punts its a matter of what you are looking for....Sepulveda will get you the long punts....Podlesh will give you the placement and can handle pressure like a pro.

Ilaola has better hands than Humes (who lost his spot because of fumbling)..and is a better reciever....he will slide because of being rather one diminsional...but isnt that what we are looking for?...a back that can carry 100 times a year between the tackles and catch the ball when needed.
I actually like Brian Leonard as a powerback/fullback player also...and as a surprise pick...I think that Michael Bush may slide to the 3rd/4th round even though most sites have him going in the first and some to the second.

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