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Default Re: LLT's Steelers draft

Originally Posted by GBMelBlount View Post
LLT, agreed we have alot of needs on Defense. What do you think our chances are of picking up some offensive lineman later and having much of an impact now. From what I am hearing, it seems like alot of people fighting for start on O-line are ave/marginal. what say you?
OT grades out as B+...with two studs in the first (Thomas & Brown) and some VERY good talent in later rounds....I like Staley in the second...Free in the third...Marten in the 4th...Julius Wilson in the 5th and Allen Barbre in the 6th

OG grades out as an A...with Sears, Grubbs, and Blalock all possibly going early...I dont see value in the second or third unless one of those three the 4th I like Mansfield Wrotto.. in the 5th I like Dan Santucci for his ability to play center & guard...and in the 6th round I like Robert Turner because of his toughness, drive and work ethic.

Center is not so good...Ryan Kalil is the only player that may go in the first...He and so many others are better served as zone-blocking centers, and dont fit our system very well...Doug Datish may be okay in the 5th...Scott Stephenson is value in the sixth because of versatility at C/G (though he has had surgery on both shoulders)...the rest all seem like they dont fit the system or are backup centers. (which we have enough of!!)

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