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Default No reason to be discouraged!

We have a very good football team. We lost to the defending champs, with one second remaining on the clock. actually -51 minutes if you want to be technical. Ben had a terrible day throwing the football, after the injury. He was pressured, but even when he had time to throw, and guys open, he just couldn`t connect. Our defense was on the field way to long, and they were worn out it seemed. If Ben would have completed any third down passes, we probably would have won the game! On third down he was at his worst, we needed these to keep drives alive, run time off the clock, and keep our defense rested. Its not all Bens fault, El had an off day. We lost the game on the line of scrimmage late in the game, on both sides of the ball. But we know that this is usually one of our strength , control the line of scrimmage. Our play calling was a little ill at times, and sometimes it was just execution.
We lost with one second to play. To the defending Superbowl champs. And we played terrible, the second half of the game. Imagine if we would have put four good quarters together. The Pats team is not as dominating as they once were. We will not have a problem with them later in the post season. Granted, Brady is the best qb, in the league. And BB is probably the most prepared coach in the league. They will be dethrowned this year by us. After this loss, we will not take them litely in the postseason. I`m not predicting blowout, I`m just saying we our destined to win it. We were riding just a little to high. Long regular season win streak and all. This past week was just a wake up call. I`m glad the Pats feel they are on top of the world still. We will prove that there not.

Don`t be discouraged fans. We have a great football team!

AFC championship game this season Pittsburgh 33 Pats 27. Slug fest. El gets his revenge with two TD`s. One receiving one returning.

Superbowl in Detroit the battle of P.A. Steelers 27 Philly 13 who else but the Eagles can win the minor leagues division.
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