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I thought we Steelers fans were all one big family. Apparently not. I have my own Steelers web site, just like this fine one and yet, someone named Jeff ( decided to trash me and my site and mention this one with the following:

I have NEVER seen your site featured anywhere and in my visits to the NFL Hall of Fame as well as doing a search of their web site for you I have not found a single mention of you anywhere. BTW, if you only get a paltry 100 hits a day to your web site, which today was the first time I've ever seen it in comparison to countless others of much better quality, and McMillen and Wife's is so busy you have trouble browsing pages (which I never have had trouble), then how can you claim to be the #1 Steelers fan based web site on the web when McMillen's gets so many more hits and is much better known (and yes, they have been featured in the Pittsburgh Post Gazette and ESPN as well). If you were featured, as you claim, on these shows then why do you receive so little hits per day?? Seems to me that if you were featured on these shows you would be getting thousands of hits per day. BTW, my Pittsburgh Sports site, which isn't even finished, far from it to be honest, gets around 75 hits per day on it's own. And I don't even have a Domain name, I'm using a free sub domain. Oh, and BTW, since you mentioned it, I went ahead and asked around the office 2 questions. The first "What is your favorite Steelers based fan site on the web?" mentioning neither you or them. The majority said McMillen and Wife, Steeler Gridiron was second, then a few others but none mentioned you. So then since I knew they already knew McMillen and Wife I asked "Do you know who Mr Steeler is?". To a person they simply said "Who?? As far as I am concerned, I am Mr Steeler." Or in some cases "Ms Steeler". No one knows who you are buddy. Finally, yes I will stay away from your site. It offers little information, a lousy format, and is pretty much in comparison to other Steelers fan sites......GARBAGE!!

knew right from the get go that your NFL Hall of Fame claim was BS. First of all, there is no NFL Hall of Fame. It's the Professional Football Hall of Fame. Anyone inducted into the Hall of Fame or featured in the Hallf of Fame would know this. You didn't. So I did searches in the Professional Football Hall of Fame web site and came up with a big "0" with your name and the term "Mr Steeler". Hmmmm......No information available on the Hall of Fames web site. So I sent a message to the Professional Football Hall of Fame inquiring as to the presence of "Mr Steeler". Their response: "Mr Leirport. Thank you for your inquiry to the Professional Football Hall of Fame in regards to Mr Steeler. Unfortunately, we have no record of a Mr Steeler within the walls of the Hall of Fame. Please let us know if we can be of any other assistance." Busted!!!! I knew my BS detector went off for a reason.

They should revoke your rights to the Domain name Steelers Hotline and award it to Steelers Fever. This site by far exceeds your little pitter patter. Your site is embarrassing to Steelers Country!!!! Please take it down and don't embarrass true Steelers fans, or yourself anymore!!

How sad.

Harvey "Mr. Steeler" Aronson
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