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Default Re: Top 100 Prospects

You cant say Vince Young wont be a good Qb in the NFL. He has most of the stuff required to be one the only thing you could question is his decision making ability. He has the arm and hes pretty accurate and he can easily improve in this by the time he goes into the draft. If Vick can make it Vince could make it the only difference between the two when Vick was in college is .22 seconds. They both have good arm strength but both arent that accurate but the ability to create is what makes a good QB. Vince has showed he can create at the college level and do it well he just has to step up his decision making. Id draft him as a QB in the first or second round probably late but it would be as a QB. If he stays another year I would say hed go top ten in the first round. Basically its a guessing game you could be right or i could but i hate when ppl talk down and dont back up the claims as to why.
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