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Default Re: A stud Falls To The Steelers

Originally Posted by GBMelBlount View Post
I think our running game was decet last year. I think Willie/Poo are a decent combo. That being said, if we find an absolute beast, best in draft RB, WR or maybe even Center (one of our trademarks) at 15, I am OK with that. I still think we can satisfy D with most of our next picks. If no best available offensive beasts, then still think D first.

I agree, except at RB. There is no reason to draft first round at RB. It would be better to trade down for two 2nd round picks. We don't want a first rounder, making first round money, sitting on the bench, and that is what he will be doing, because Willie is and will be the starter for quite some time.

That is why I say pick up a RB in teh second round. Heck, trade the first round pick for 2 second rounds... and pick up a RB, a CB, and a LB or a lineman. At that point in the draft, you'd still get three quality players that could see action the first year.
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