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First of all, I get up each and EVERY morning and update the site as I write a daily cover story.

When I created the site, I was not seeking to win any awards for its design. My readers do not come to my site looking for flash, pomp, or circumstance. They come to find out my opinions on the Steelers, and perhaps to take part in a simple poll, quiz, or a tough question regarding the team.

If I were to be looking to win some kind of design awards then I would have had a professional create the site. The fact that my site has been mentioned in the Pittsburgh Post Gazette as a site of the week at one time, and that several professional football players have viewed it and reacted positively is enough assurance for me that I must be doing something right.

No matter what you do in life, there will always be a critic. You may be correct in saying the site is not cosmetically one of the finest out there and that is your right to say so.

As for the #1 thing, for one year anway in 2001, Visa the charge card company, presented me with their Visa Hall of Fans Award for that year and placed my name and a plaque with my picture declaring me as such in the Hall of Fame. I beat out thousands of other Steelers fans so at least for one year I was able to say I was in fact the number one fan in their eyes anyway.

However, the bottom line is that as a true Pittsburgh Steelers fan, I'd rather say that I represent all of our fans because to me, Steelers fans are the greatest anywhere, and no matter where you go, when you meet up with a Steelers fan, he or she is like part of a big family.
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