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No thanks Justin...I'm quite happy with my site. I'm not looking for 1,000 hits a day. I'm more interested in just having the opportunity to express my opinions on the Steelers and create something of my own creativity for anyone who is interested to enjoy. Whether it is 1 person or 125 it doesn't matter.

I'm not out to prove anything to anyone, or make sure I get anyone's approval. For those who don't like my site, or appreciate what I'm trying to do, there are thousands of other Steelers web sites they can read on a daily basis. This whole thread came about because one idiot who came across my site decided to bash what I was doing, totally unprovoked. That was uncalled for and while everyone is entitled to their opinions, I'm not the type of person to make any negative comments about any positive work someone is trying to do.

Like I said, this might not be the greatest site in the world, but for the 50-125 people that read it on a daily basis, it appears to be working for them. And with that I am quite happy to have those small amounts of people telling me how great of a job I do. There is more satisfaction in hearing postive remarks from 100 people while fending off negative commentary from 2-3 people.

But thanks anyway for the critique.

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