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Default Re: Potential 1st Rnd Draft Day Trades

Ah, I love speculation about draft day trades - its often better than the actual draft.

I really see the Redskins trading down - they have alot of needs and a straight forward way of addressing them.

Bucs Up/Lions Down trade makes alot of sense - which means it probably wont happen.
The Lions would be huge winners - looking at draft pick value charts they could ask for another 2nd and a 4th or maybe even a 2nd and a 3rd - just to move down 2 places and get the guy they want anyway.

I see the Bills doing whatever it takes to land Peterson - if that means trading up then so be it.

The Steelers are a tough one to predict - there is a base of talent in the current 53 that makes them likely contenders for the postseason - if Cowher was still coach I would have said they would go for the elite prospect they like the most at 15.

Now that Tomlin, with the rumored 4-3, is running the show you have to think multiple picks are the way to go to help the transition.

I'd go along with Tony - Pittsburgh to look for trade partner to move down.

The Patriots really could move either way - the obvious team need is ILB but I doubt there is anyone within reach who is worth trading up for and the fact we dont have a 2nd rounder will be a factor.

WR's could start disppearing in clumps in the early 20's so a WR short team may want to trade up from the top of the 2nd into the latter part of the 1st to get one - lets say Cleveland, Miami or Oakland.

The Packers will be looking for a RB - they'll make a move for the 2nd or 3rd guy off the board if they have to.

Bronco's could do with an impact pass rusher - I don't see a need to trade up to get one.
Plenty of tweeners available at this point.

One other team that might like to move up is the Ravens who remain desperate for offensive playmakers.
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