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Default Re: The tough thing about the blast Furnace

Originally Posted by clevestinks
Its hard bashing fans of other teams without offending everyone from that team. We have some knowledgable fans, some classy fans , and some real retards that just post to piss everyone off. They have no real insight, thier views suck. They just want trouble. So if I bash a team in the Blast Furnace, don`t take it personally. It was probably meant for some ass wipe.
I respect you trying not to call out anyone specifically, but you're a bigger person than me. There have been some of Hardwork's posts that are legit but too often wants to start shit, unprovoked. LITP has more tendencies to bring knowledge and insight but seems to be encouraged at times, by HW. Most of the Bengal posters are pretty cool. It's up to the guys who run this board to determine who's worthy of staying and who should go, they may want to consider this soon with some of the pointless arguements that have taken place recently. Some of it sounds like playground banter. I know you are but what am I really gets old after awhile.
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