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Originally Posted by Dirtywater

Ha! But you left off the end of the quote.

Brady: I hate this stadium
Seymour: Oh, no question
Brady: But, it's a great team
actually the same clip was in inside the nfl and i think brady said "great team though" i just assumed he was talking about himself j/k one thing though.... if a steelerfan says they hate tom brady they are a "hater" or " sore loser" or "whiners" but if brady says he hates the stadium (whitch i assume means the players and fans in it too) its cute? why cant steelerfans say they hate the patriots or rodney harrison etc. without patfans getting all bent out of shape. just cause redsox fans love the yankees doesnt mean steelerfans hold no anomosity towards the pats.

note to living in the past: in no way am i insinuating ALL steelerfans hate anyone or that all redsox fans love the yankees. its just a general term. kind of like when one says republicans support george bush, im sure theres a registered republican out there that doesnt.
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