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Originally Posted by Livinginthe past
Hey Koopa,

Im pretty excited thinking about this novel you are going to write for us on the reasons why the Colts are definitely going to beat the Pats.


why wont the colts beat the pats? because of the past? why does everyone owe you an answer? if i knew the outcome of every game i would have a suite in a highrise in vegas but this is what the colts have going for them: a defense, a strong running game, one of the leagues best passers in years, experience and solidity. current weaknesses of the pats that give the colts a shot: no bruschi, johnson, law, harrison etc. running game isnt as strong as last year. all pressure is on the pats. overconfidence based on the past???? now im not saying this is a guaranteed win for the colts but by no means is it a bye week for the patriots just because what has happened in the past. cant someone make a prediction on gut feeling without being in debt to you with an answer why? get over yourself.
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