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Originally Posted by X-Terminator View Post
And it's now 3-1. Game over folks.

Hey guys...there's 10 games left in the season. Think maybe you want to pick it up a bit? Thanks. Finishing 4th is a hell of a lot better than finishing 5th.

In other news, with 6 points in the past 2 games, Joe Thornton now trails Sid by just 6 points in the scoring race.
Haven't you learned your lesson XT? The Pens are down 2 goals with 8 minutes left in the game. Have some faith, will ya? If they go on to lose this game, Therrein will work their a$$es off to get them back to where they were just a couple of games ago.

There's a lot of hockey to be played in the regular season - they'll be OK.

What does it matter finishing 4th or 5th? They'd still have to most likely play the Sens, though home ice would be preferable. The Pens have a decent road record this season.

P.S. That power play SUCKED. That's my negativity for the night - LOL!

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