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Default Re: Attention Slashsteel

I have to say the whole thing was a bit of a damp squib.

Instead of admitting he is a cry baby - Slash prefers to inflict various forms of bodily violence on me from the comfort of his PC.

Still, I think everyone got the point with the posts I quoted of his.

Big mouth before.

Big pussy after.

Instead of admitting that you are actually a Steeler closet fan, as you must be why else would you continuously post here? Not unless that rainbow that you post once and a while is showing that you are actually fond of someone here. A school girl crush perhaps?

I bet you have a blown up picture of a few of our members taped to your ceiling. It is ok to dream fruity just keep your distance.

So here we have it living feels threatened and now he is going to cry about it. That time of month huh? You just get all that anger out girl. You powderpuff.

Here we also go with MR.clueless again. When "after" did I back down to become a "pussy"? If I was a pussy that would go against everything you look for in a man.

I am almost willing to bet you are a 30 year old still 'living' at home with mommy. Maybe you should change up on your name, "livingatmommies" would be more accurate.

Does she still make you take out the trash? Or are you that rebel rouser thats gonna show her! A draft dodger if I ever saw one.

BTW is there actually a patriot board that you go to? I think this might be your one and only home. Won't they accept you over there? Tell them they shouldn't discriminate against you that you are gay and proud. Now fly away now, sprinkle some fairy dust and begone......

Oh and I just love that gay cheers thing you do, pick that up at a M4M forum did ya?
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