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Default jones vs tarver

did any of y'all see this fight? omg it was ridiculous, pretty much a waste of money. the undercards were alright some dude from PA beat the hell out of some dude from NY, good bloody match, and i saw my favorite boxer our olympic gold medalist andre ward, he one in a first round knock out in about 30 sec.

now the main event. it was like roy jones didn't even want to win he just didn't want to get knocked down, he was doing some funny shit, when he'd get punched he'd stick his tung out at tarver pretty funny shit for awhile but then he just started running around and he wouldn't throw any combos, it's like he knows if he wanted to he'd knock the hell out of tarver but he didn't. tarver is one of the cockiest dudes i've ever seen, roy is cocky but in a fun way, tarver is in an arrogant way and that pisses me off. i know roy wasn't trying cause in one of the rounds he landed 1 of 8 punches. he was just dancein around tapped dance once then kicked his foot up and touched his jordans.

one thing i liked about tarver was when larry mercent or wtf ever interviewed him, when larry tried to talk shit about roy, tarver would talk over him and said give the man his due he came in and fought a good match he was playin chess and if i made a mistake i'm done, so give him his due. pretty good stuff casue larry is an ass sometimes. also what led me to believe that roy didn't care if he won was when he told larry he just didn't want to go out the way he did the last two fights and show that he can stay up. he also said he didn't really have the hunger for this fight he just wanted to prove himself, and he said he don't know if this was his last fight.

so if you wanna a watch a decent match for the first six rounds then i say watch it saturday on hbo, cause it was entertaining the way roy was acting but it wasn't a good match.
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