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Default Re: How does one get an avatar?

Hey, Lloydfan4life, thanks for asking! How are ya?

I was thinking maybe someone who isn't featured so much, from what I've seen so far. I'm afraid I can't think of the name, but how about the 70's center, from that well-known clip of him rising up and "putting up his dukes" in slow motion? That's always a cool shot, and I do love that clip. (Though I don't love it enough to remember his name, apparently. I do believe he's a FOHer. Yes, I am ashamed of myself for not knowing.) Or maybe Randy Grossman or good old Rocky Bleier or Andy Russell. Someone like that, from the 70s and not used a lot in other avatars. I'm scared to get a current player because 1) I can't choose a favorite, and 2) they might be gone before too long!
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