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Default Re: watching last weeks game for the 2nd time

jaws and hoge got a great job looking at gamefilm all day. as for brady taking shots downfield, hes never really been a deep ball thrower. i think the deep pass play is almost like a trick play in their offense, designed as a quick strike to suprize, demoralize, and catch off guard their opponent. just like the steelers dont come out throwing all over the field, they dont need to because they move their ball so methodically with their running game, same with the patriots, they move so methodically with their short passing game. plays into both teams ball control philosophy. bens running has been good. he loses some extra yards by slowing down and looking to throw til the last second. that was a great thing about kordell. he would decide to run and run full speed while still making the defense think he was looking for the throw.
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