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Default Re: Draft Pick Value Chart

i dont look at the chart as quantifying the calibur of player you get, but quantifying the options you have with a certain pick.

the patriots are the only ones with 2 1st round picks. the chart says they could move into perfect position to take laron landry but they would also have many more options such as taking the #1 rb, lb, or cb available. however, they probably get more ultimate values staying where they are and taking the 2 best players left on their board.

of course the chart is just a tool, and you gotta be a little skeptical if it was, in fact, devised by jimmy johnson (who pulled of the biggest draft pick heist in nfl history). i always thought gil brandt had alot to do with its development and use.

this chart would never work though if the nfl mandated that all trades follow its formula
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