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Originally Posted by Lloydfan4life View Post
Damnit tony! She's chasing me around with her rolling pin now!!!!
So much for a peaceful night on the 'porn couch'!

(I don't think I've heard her laugh so hard in a long time!)
this thread was pretty funny until that crazy 'unibastard' came along and turned it into the official

"porn couch"

and "golden shower" thread.

(i knew those smileys would eventually serve SOME purpose)

so anyways, back to the topic of the thread....

ok. so when you get sprayed by a skunk, you take a tomato sauce dip, and when you get stung by jellyfish you take a piss dip???

Originally Posted by HometownGal View Post
C'mon people- get a room or something. This is the Recipes forum. We've had more than one thread hijacked in here. This forum isn't visited by many members - let's try to stick to the topic, OK?

oops. i tried to get it back on topic.
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