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Default Re: I was just thinking....

Go ahead start a forum for smack. Just remember as a Browns fan its only a good rivalry if the other team wins now and again so if you would help us by makingup 15 or so losses during the past three decades that would be great. As for smack...

1) Keep it on point, if you start smack in another area, take it to the ring and duke it out there. I can start to see some topics stray of point for the sake of posts and smack. If not interested in smack then I don't want to sift through gargbage to find out Clevelands free agent signings(more garbage).

2) Time it. Start posting Sun(or Thu) at kickoff and go until the gun of the Monday night game or such. After that the posts are deleted for next weeks. No need in taking up extra space, even if it is cyberspace.

3) Posts don't count. I don't need more drifters like BrAdYrUlEz or raiders4life stopping in and ranting for a weekend and showing potential new Steelersfever members who has pull on the board. You want to hold some weight then post on the big boards.

4) If you think classy then you'll be classy. If all you want is a place to type curses and such then why waste Mikes time. Make it good trash talk and back it up. If all you do is show us your expanded tailgating vocabulary then I don't think we need it.

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