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Default Re: SteelCzar76's Mock 1st rnd. (And i'm sticking to it.)

Originally Posted by tony hipchest View Post
you know who weddle reminds me of? a smaller version of brian urlacher. he can do anything on both sides of the ball (rb, wr, cb, lb, s) and has the same motor and intensity. however it is common for the nfl to sleep on WAC players because of the supposed "lack of competition".

the biggest question mark on urlacher, tomlinson, faulk, s. young was that they played in the WAC yet theyre all HOF potential players who are some of the best (if not the best) players in their respective draft class.

My sentiments exactly Tone. (regarding the league 'sleeping' on players based upon conferance)
Yes it's always a plus to see a guy turn in impressive performances against competition the elite 'power house' programs. But at the same time,....if a kid displays the ability to be productive consistently, along with being head and shoulders above his his onfield peers. (Regardless as to whom they are as long as it's D1 ball),....i think they deserve a shot.

Granted though,...i'm never sold on any of the 'workout warriors' with little or no actual onfield production from ANY program. LOL
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