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Default Players Bungles WONT Draft

high character guys. (actually if the bengals arent paying lip service you can expect them to look stronly at several of these). of course we draft before them for once and like joey porter did to levi jones we may "beat them to the punch".

Every week on my Sirius Radio show with Tim Ryan called Moving the Chains, we get a chance to interview many of the 2007 draft candidates. We talk with the prospects every week leading up to the draft and, in many cases, we develop a rapport with them. This has been a great week to sit down and meet with some outstanding young men.

Here are the top-six draftable players I interviewed this week and one very special veteran. These guys show a depth of knowledge about the game, a passion and respect for the game, the talent to play it at the highest level and a humility that puts to rest the risk that money and fame will change them in the next few years. Any one of these men could be on my team.

1. Tim Crowder, defensive lineman from Texas: His teammates call him "old school." He lists one of his hobbies as lifting weights. He is a technician on the field who can easily describe his pass-rush plan and the multiple ways he would rush a passer. Crowder will play for a long time in the NFL.

2. Robert Meachem, wide receiver from Tennessee: Here's a kid who grew up on a farm and when I asked him about his chores, he said, "I always wanted the farm to look great, not good. I wanted people to drive by and say, 'I wish I had a farm like this.' " Because his numbers from the Combine were so good, Meachem didn't have to run again at his Pro Day. But he felt if NFL people came to see him, he would run again. Both of his feet are squarely on the ground.

3. Joe Staley, offensive tackle from Central Michigan: Staley was a few minutes late for his appointment with us today and couldn't stop apologizing. After his workout last week when he ran 4.78 in the 40-yard dash at 6-foot-6 and 300 pounds, he said the best part was how proud he was for his school that he and his teammates put on a good showing. Every week when we talk to Staley he brings up his family.

4. Alan Branch, nose tackle from Michigan: Branch is a top-10 pick in this draft yet, he doesn't have one ounce of "big-timing" us on the show. He can answer any question about technique and has remarkable recall of his opponents throughout college. The guy knows how to prepare and will never let his weight balloon up. He weighs 324 pounds but was once closer to 400 pounds in high school. He taught himself about nutrition and lives the game.

5. Michael Griffin, safety from Texas: A first-class man with a sense of humor and a strong family background was the impression I got after spending 20 minutes talking with Griffin. He knows he's good, but he knows his opponent can beat him if he's not on his "A" game. Here's a guy who had 370 tackles in college and he remembers how well Matt Leinart was able to look him off with his eyes. When I asked him where I could find a few plays on videotape in which he passed some of his teammates on his way to one of those many tackles, he said, "That didn't happen very often because we all swarmed to the ball."

6. Leon Hall, cornerback from Michigan: Hall is a weekly guest and after a few sessions with him, I will tell you he might not be the flashy modern athlete trying to always draw attention to himself, but he will be solid player like a Ronde Barber. Hall has no trouble pointing right at himself when a mistake was his fault and on the sideline in a big game -- that kind of maturity in invaluable.
the interview with t. crowder was one of the best ones ive heard from a draft prospect. i think hes a cant miss and would be great in the 2nd round. doubt he falls that far though. in kirwans latest draft, he moved paul poz up the board to carolina at #14. he put the steelers then taking leon hall at #15. him and carruci were discussing that words from the inner circle is that tomlin is gonna push the switch to the 4-3 much quicker than predicted. they talked in depth about halls similarity to ronde barber. who coached barber into a pro bowler? hmmmmmm.
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