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Default Re: 41- 17 Chargers over the puffs!

hardwork 41 points against your d and we stink? LMFAO! You go too far with the comedy. Your team played far worse today, than the Steelers have all year. Next week we have the Bolts and we will compare the outcome.

Now see living you are acting too calm your taking all the fun out of this thread.

Sure I say things to get your goat as you do me. You have to admit you had this coming somewhat. You have done things to spark a response, I simply returned the favor.

.....And it is a fact when two good teams play head to head often they are not the same the following week so that isn't a stretch to say that.

So to be fair I'll say this last week our teams were evenly matched as either could win. This week things caught up to your team. But I will stick with, that it is a sign. I said even before the season that the pats could not possibly be the same, and that their run D would be exposed. Go to the and ask around it's true. And why? It is because your linebacker was a stud and Brown and Monty arn't. They are has beens. As the season wears on much like in the chargers game it will be revealed. Simply they arn't Brushi. Which I read that he still might be back later in the year, so maybe there is still hope. You better hope that comes to pass, or my predictions probably will hold true....
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