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Default Re: Met any Steelers you didn't like?

Originally Posted by LambertIsGod58 View Post
Just wondering if you've met any Steelers you didn't like? I collect alot of autographed memorabilia and have met several players.

Players I didn't like

1) Terry Bradshaw-total jerk, nothing like his on tv personna

2) Lynn Swann-almost as bad as Bradshaw

3) John Stallworth

4) Mel Blount

Players that were great

1) Rocky Bleier-nicest guy of em all

2) Andy Russell-very close to being as good as Bleier

3) Hines Ward

4) Jerome Bettis

5) Greg Lloyd

6) Jack Lambert-if he talked more, he'd be #1
haha dude no way listen up my mom lived in pittsburgh her whole life and met Lynn before he was big they have been best friends since she always talks to him when they were younger he did dancing with my mom and they are good friends, he is rally nice and my mom also loves bradshaw u obliviosly dont know these guys

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