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Default Re: 41- 17 Chargers over the puffs!

I will have to say with all my comments about your intelligence, hardwork is obviously the idiot here.

More to the point would be, they're about as dynamic as a stone.
Interesting. Yea those 2 Ben TD's wern't dynamic. And that last second tie. If we sucked so bad hard why did it take you to the last seconds of the game to win ? ? You know that answer. You are looking at two teams going in different directions. We will continue winning, and the pats are going to have a off year. Relax you had a great run it is just over. Well at least for this year, we will see what next year has to offer. Sure the puffs will put up a fight but 8 and 8 isn't a stretch as a ending for you. If we beat the bolts we are looking at 3 and 1 with the hard part of our schedule minus the colts over. So who has the rougher road ahead. You tell me.........
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