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Default Re: 41- 17 Chargers over the puffs!

guess we all get our 'fun' in different ways Slash.

I take joy in my teams victories - and sometimes its a nice bonus to beat a team that had us pegged as 'spent' before we even took the field.

You, however, are different - you take joy in Patriots losses in their own right - even your team was no where near the field of play.

Im sure you have your reasons - though I notice you are pretty much the only Steeler poster who is indulging in this.

The fact is - I can be calm because I can handle losing a game and facing up afterwards - you proved you cant when you called all the Pats fans classless for being here - these are all facts.
Fact is you two hung out week and bragged. I dealt with the loss, I just didn't like howw you approached it. I felt you went overboard thats my opinion. And put your team on a pedestal. Now they are off of it, and I find it fitting that reality has hit. BTW you know seeing that we are mentioning 'facts" that you both went above and beyond on bragging. Other posters saw this and commented. So why do I get joy of rubbing it in? Even a short bus student can figure this one out. I was waiting for some team to bring your team and your views back to earth like I predicted and it has come to pass. As you enjoyed your victory I am enjoying my prediction forming up as true. So cry some more twist it as you like. But it is what it is. No 3peat, and we will rebound from a 3 point loss, but a 41 point victory for the bolts is writing on the wall. Your team has holes that can not be masked. I pray that our two teams meet again this year, as you will have to look no further than todays game to see the outcome. We will detroy you. Write it down. Thats if your team even makes it that far. You can bank every prediction and rub in any that don't come to pass. A open challenge. BTW why were you both here and not at a pats forum right after the game? Is this home? :) I mean joker thought you would be there but you were here why?
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