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Default Re: Players around town

Originally Posted by NV STEELERS 723 View Post
How come nobody ever talks about meeting Bill Cowher or if they have how was he?
I meet Cowher over the summer during training camp. I was in town for visiting family and my Dad took me out to his local bar one night. He told me Cowher usually shows up pretty late (guessing after all his meeting, ect). We were at Spitfire Grill in Greensburg, having some beers, and it was getting late I think little after 11:00PM (I was up for 24 hrs...thats why I say late). Very nice mercedes parks across the street, and my Dad says..."cohwers here". He sat up at the bar with a few older guys, talking and having a few beers. My Dad said, "Here is your chance, go up and shake his hand". I didn't want to bother him, sure he had a long day. The waitress came over, so I decided to get a beer for Cowher...Rolling Rock. When he got his beer the waitress pointed at me, and I went up and congrat him on the Super Bowl and wished him the best for the season. He was friendly, thanked me for the beer, and had some small talk. My Dad and I wear leaving Cowher came over to say goodbye and thanks for the beer again. I'm not sure why...but I thought he wouldn't be as friendly. But, he was really cool. Wish I got a pic with him, but thought that was pushing it.
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