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Default Re: Last season of the Sapranos!

It's strange, I watched season six over again and it was pretty damn good up until about episode 5 or 6. After that it went completely downhill.

Anways, I see Tony flipping before being killed off. He was shot once already. AJ can't take over because Christopher is next in line. If Christopher dies then it would go to either Paulie or Silvio. Eitherway, if AJ is head of the New Jersey La Cosa Nostra you know they are falling on very hard times. That kid can hardly manage his sock droor let alone a family. Hell, Meadow is more capable.

Also, I don't see Christopher OD'ing. If anything I see Phil sending somebody from his crew to take out Christopher. While the heart to heart moment between Tony and Phil at the hospital was warm, it's not going to last. Phil still holds a grudge for the death of his brother by Tony Blundetto. Tony ordering the bombing of Phil's front in North Bergen. There was also that little incident when Tony chased Phil down in his SUV and ended up beating his head against the dashboard. Yeah, bad Those incidents are not easily forgotten.

But as always with David Chase, you never know what's going to happen. 12 more days A.S.!!!

Also worth noting that while David Chase did not state he was going to make a movie dealing with the Sopranos, he did not count it out.

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