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Default Re: Do you want me gone

Do I vote yes and uphold my responsibility as a steelers fan to crush an opponent anytime I can(esp. if they are Browns fans), or do I vote no as I am a big backer of voicing no matter what team you support. I think I like you being here, but I gotta back up Mike. First, I am no great poster but I know I don't have to quote everything. Second, what is your main goal for posting here? Do you just want to give some respectability to your club by saying "Hey I posted on the Steelers board" or do you really want to know what goes on inside the heads of the greatest fans around. I hope it is the later, and if so then you might want to read more of the older posts, pause for reflection, then give a passionate, focused reply. Since most are random, quick replies, I'll assume your still in the first category. Last, just know that you are not going to change anything. You will become a Steelers fan far before you get us to become Browns fans( hurts to even write it), so if you want us to give you credit or acknowledge your team, there are easier ways to go about it(mainly not on a Steelers board). So having voiced my thoughts I've decide to put the ball in your court to see if you want to stay or not.
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