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Default Re: Best Free Agenst Available....According to BKA :)

Need to update:

QB: is Gus Freotte because he can still get his 3rd wind, Johnson would need his 5th.
RB: is Najeh Davenport(RFA) would cost but is better than Thomas
FB: nobody ever gets excited about FA FB's. Don't waste time. Besides Konrad is damaged.
WR: Plax hands down, I mean since everyone else is signed.
TE: Okay if this was Fantasy Football and I still needed a TE.
O-line: McDougle, at least until we sign him.
Front 7: Getting tired, must cut corners...Hovan is a little on the mental front yeah?
LB: Hartwell cause like us even if your a back up on that team you're good.
CB: Law might not heal, so I go Dyson coming off highest pick year
S: Bashir, but can anyone in Indy's 2nd be good?
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