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Originally Posted by clevestinks
Maybe its just me. But I am not as impressed with thier defense as everyone else is. I think that they have improved. But have yet to be really tested. I may be wrong.

Now thier offense is a different story. I watched them a little during the brownie game last week. Thier play calling was terrible. manning with 3rd and goal from the 8, and Thee almighty Manning calls a run play???? I`m not sure where thier plays are called from, Manning, the sidelines, or upstairs. But they are definitley not in sync. Or maybe its just a Tony Dungy curse, he can`t have both a great offense, and defense? I wouldn`t be a bit surprised to here that Manning has some type of injury.
I was thinking the exact sam thing Cleve. Nothing else makes sense with their offense only scoring like they have. You'd think that Manning would come out this year with guns a blazin after last year. I know every coach tries to keep injuries as quiet as possible but I expect to hear about an injury at some point too.
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