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Default Re: How many games will the Pirates win this year?

Originally Posted by Black and Gold Forever 32 View Post
I love the positive attitude SCM. I really hope the Buccos win 85-90 games but I'm not counting on it. Don't get me wrong I think the Pirates have some young talent that really can develop and turn the Pirates into a solid ball club again. But I'm just not getting to excited yet. I would be happy with just a .500 season. But keep the positive attitude man. Its just after 15 lossing seasons has killed alot of my positive attitude with the

I was 13 when the Pirates last won a division title and that happens to be the last time the Pirates finished above Hell 1992 seems so long
Well if the Division is as bad as last year, just above .500 might win us division champs

St. Louis won the division with just 83-78 thats just a winning % of .516

Lets get 85 wins!
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