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Default Re: More Family Prayers

I am so sorry for this very tragic loss, stlrtruck. Your sister-in-law, her children and their family, as well as their husband and father, will be in my thoughts and prayers.

I received this beautiful poem from a friend of mine when my beloved father passed away. It gave me such comfort - please feel free to pass it along.

Sometimes life seems perfect
so we never pause to think
that life is but a cliff
and we live just on the brink.

We pour our love into our families
even when quarrels erupt here and there.
For even though we travel our own roads,
we know our loved ones are always near.

Even when we feel that all is right
and that life is beautiful and good,
God has His own designs in store
that play out despite how we feel they should.

We'll never know the reason
that our hearts now hear this tone
as we deafly struggle to hear
why the Father has called a son Home.

They say that all must have its reason
and every reason must have its rhyme.
But where in this song does it sing
of this family being together one more time?

May we not forget him.
May he not have to grow alone.
May he feel the love around him
till the day his father calls him Home.

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