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Default Re: trade faneca and #15 pick...

Originally Posted by TJSteeler View Post
Based on the draft value chart, Arizona's picks at 6 and 38 are worth 2120 (1600+520), the steelers 15th is worth 1050. So essentially the value on Faneca is 1070 or basically a 15th pick. A good way to look at it is would you trade our 15th pick for Faneca if he were on another team. I would say yes but if other teams believe he is going to hold out etc they may want to devalue him to a lower first or second round pick thinking the steelers are desparate.

Personally, I think Faneca will be back in the fold and happy before training camp and I would rather see us trade down. Our #15 pick for Atlanta's 39th, 44th and 5th rounder. Thats works based on the value chart and would give us 3 picks between 39th and 46th, which in this draft is where it looks like a lot of value can be had.
good points. i dont think faneca will hold out. thats what i did, was look at the value chart (arizona is at 5 and 37). this puts fanecas value right at 12-13th pick.

then i asked myself, would arizona pick him at 13 if he were thrown into the draft? yes.
where would faneca rank compared to other linemen in the draft? probably 3rd right behind levi brown and j. thomas. to me it seems fair value and fair trade. fanecas age and contract situation are negated by his experience and status. while you could be getting the next robert gallery if you select thomas or brown, you know exactly what youre getting if you trade for faneca.
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