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Default Re: trade faneca and #15 pick...

Originally Posted by tony hipchest View Post
to arizona for their #1 and #2.

(for all the draftnicks) how does this sound? more specifically, what if we were guranteed to land gaines adams and j. blaylock?

how does adams grade against a player like merriman, and how does blaylock grade against faneca coming out of the draft?

of course when you trade you wanna feel like youre giving it to your trading partner with no vaseline, but the rooneys dont necessarily operate that way. if adams is a merriman type impact player AND if blaylock can hold his own and potentially have 5-7 pro bowl bids in the next 10 years, this is a trade that is fair to both sides, yet definitely benefits us and our needs for the long haul.

am i looking at fools gold? a move like this would have no negative impact on our cap. it would probably save us tons of $$$ for the long haul.

i know AZ wouldnt give up #6 for faneca and he is worth more than their 2nd alone...

thoughs? scenarios? what could we do with the #6 pick and 2 2nd rounders?
If this trade just could land the Steelers Gaines Adams then I would be all for it. But you also mentioned Blaylock. So yes I would be all for this trade. One thing though the Cards have the 5th overall pick. The Skins pick 6th.
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