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Default Madden 08

ok well its finnaly time guys i am a video game expert and have been counting the minutes until this and now drum roll please.....bum bum bum bum..... the madden 08 site is finnaly up!!!! YEAHHHH!!!! ok ok now guys listen it doesnt have much at all but it was just launched. They put a nfl team according to their record and corosponded them with a number. As an example colts -1 Bears-2 and so on. So today is saints day -5. This is all days until the draft. It is a count down of 32 days all 32 teams!! ok so on the site u can sign up for the newsletter, preorder the game and more!! BTW THIS IS BIG NEWS: MADDEN O8 IS NOW ONLY ON XBOX 360 , WII, PS3, PS2, PC AND DS!!! NO MORE PSP AND NO MORE XBOX AND GAMECUBE!! ok so all you guys who play madden on xbox or psp... sorry but madden did not sell well for your system!! ok to go to the site the url is

have fun

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