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Default Re: Prayer appercated

Originally Posted by verks36 View Post
Hey guys

I just dislocated my shoulder right now in the past hours. So far i have dislocated my shoulder 3 times. Once my right and 2 my left. My first time i dislocated during Football season when i caught the ball and just got jacked up. Next time i was lifting and i dislocated my right. And just about 2 hours ago i was in a monster dog pile out in the middle of campus and my should got caught and dislocated again. The bad thing this time i tore 2 ligaments in my shoulder. I started on varsity football this year as a sophomore and now my football career is now is question. I am going to be having arthroscopic surgery in the next 48 hours.
Prayer would be appercated.


It's all a matter of how much you want it Verks. (Football) Your young and will heal fast. And if you rehab with the proper dedication you can play again. And possibly even be better for it. (As a result of gaining a stronger drive in regards to preparation)

Hold your head high and work little brother,
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